Highlight trailing whitespace

I'm just trailing PHPStorm at the moment, to see if I might want to switch to it from Emacs (which I've been using for the last few years).

One feature I haven't yet found a replacement for is the 'show-trailing-whitespace' option, which highlights trailing whitespace in red (whilst leaving all other whitespace as normal).

I've searched through the settings and the forums, but I've not, so far, been able to find an equivalent feature. I get lots of info about 'stripping trailing whitespace', but not about 'highlighting or showing trailing whitespace'. I prefer highlighting to stripping as it leaves me more in control of whether I delete it, or leave it in place to avoid polluting the commit history (I know there is an option to only strip lines you have changed, but I'd still prefer to be in charge of the deletion).

Does anyone have any suggestions?


Hi there,

There is no such option available in PhpStorm.

Feel free to submit Feature Request to the Issue Tracker (but I would not expect this to be implemented any time soon)


Thanks for the reply - I've done as you suggested and opened in issue here: http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/WI-12771


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