render (?) html files - need directions/help

Hi Guys,

first of all sorry if this is a long post and not the right forum, but I really need a starting point for this.

What I have:

Webstorm, a simple shared hosting webserver which I can connect to via FTP and the idea and first steps in creating my own HTML-Markup.

I bascially write my own markup and use jquery to convert this to HTML, which allows me to minimize the effort of writing HTML (live templates work great with this).

A simple example can be found here:  though I also have some much more complicated things in the works (multilevel-menus etc.)

(small question with this: How can I add documentation for my own tags to webstorm?)

For development it's fine, but the problem with this is ofcourse that I can't deploy this on a webserver and leave the processing to the client, because of google bot.

So what I would need is some way to execute this locally once development is done and then get the "rendered" files. (I might add that I already seperate the "render" and "clientside" javascript during development).

From reading up on this topic it seems that node,js with the jquery package might somehow work, but a node-server is currently out of the question for me, I want to do this locally.

So, can anyone give me any pointers on how to achieve this? Really, any help is appreciated because I am completely lost with this at the moment.

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