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Is it possible to fold/unfold all the methods in a JS file for a highlighted region so that the methods are rolled up to the method level? Example: highlight 3 methods and fold them all at one time so that they are folded to their method name level:

function one() {
// stuff
// stuff

function two() {
// stuff
// stuff

function three() {
// stuff
// stuff


function one() {...}
function two() {...} 
function three() {...}

Right now, the only options I can find are to:

  1. click each method and fold one at a time
  2. fold every method at once
  3. highlight the methods and fold them all into a single fold

None of which fold as described above.


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The IDE doesn't provide such feature at the moment. Feel free to track IDEA-74010 progress.

Regards, Denis


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