SVN hangs in PhpStorm EAP 121.62

I cannot get Subversion (svn update/commit) running in PhpStorm EAP-121.62. It does not work in the previous EAP-121.12 either. The earliest EAP version 120.277 was ok - SVN updates and commits just work fine.
PhpStorm seems to connect to the remote SVN-server over port 443. But then, nothing happens and the task hangs with the message "Updating '/path/to/my/project'".

I've encountered the problem on OS X 10.8.0 (Mountain Lion). As long as this problem exists, I need to stick with EAP-120.277 - even though it's going to expire soon.

Any idea or open bug? Thx!

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Hi Andriy
This sounds very much like it! Thanks for the hint.
Looking forward to the next EAP. I'm planning to completely switch from NetBeans to PhpStorm once 5.0 ist out.


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