Limit inspection to specified paths?

Is there a way to limit inspection to certain paths?   My project is a Drupal project which has many many files that are part of Drupal (core) or its extensions (libraries).   When PhpStorm does an inspection it is inspecting all of these files and reporting issues with them.   I do not want PhpStorm to inspect files which make up the core or libraries, because it takes a lot of time.   So I turn off the inspector. :(   I would like to have the inspector ignore those files.  Suggestions?

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Hi Mike,

  1. Define custom Scope (Settings | Scopes) so it includes (or excludes) only files where inspection should run (or should not).
  2. Settings | Inspections
    • Find inspection in question, right click on it and choose "Add Scope"
    • Select desired custom scope
    • Now you can configure this particular inspection for desired scope to behave differently compared to everything else (outside of scope / default)
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Thank you very much!   JetBrains is an amazing IDE!


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