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Before PhpStorm 5, working on a network drive wasn't supported. The proposed workflow was to have PhpStorm copy the files locally, do everything locally and upload files back to the remote server as they are changed. This behavior was enforced by PhpStorm by not even displaying mounted drives (Windows 7) when browsing the local file system to create a new project.

In the latest EAP version (121.12), it seems this restriction has been lifted, as the mounted drives are visible and can be selected as project root.

My question is: Is this behavior (allowing project root to be on a network drive) intended, supported and stabilized, or is it going to disappear again in a future version?

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Hi Tibos,

Nothing has been changed. Usually network drives were not visible in PhpStorm when launching it directly from installer or with Admin rights (as in this case it is technically executed from different user context, where your mapped networks drives are simply not available/not mapped).

Working directly over network (e.g. network drive) is not prohibited, but highly not recommended. You can work like that if you really wish so, but do not complain when you encounter random freezes/slowdowns and similar stuff as IDEA-based products relly  on fast access to project files.


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