launch html css in virtual smartphone emulator

i know microsoft have
1 webmatrix2 withwindowphone7 ( from MS) and  iphone/ipad simlator from electric plum
2 google chrome can use ripple bmackberry emulator .

Wich broswer emulator can be launch from  php storm ?

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Hi there,

PhpStorm has no native integration with any of such emulators.

What is "browser emulator"? Some standalone app (e.g. "emulator.exe" on Windows) ? If so -- then you can launch any using External Tools functionality (Settings | External Tools) and pass current script (or whatever) as a parameter.

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for iphone i think it is a browser that support  the layout engine of the iphone perhaps without the os core .

For blackberry, window phone or android bundle with the SDK it must be a  virtual machine that launch OS so we have acces to the broswer.

thank's for shorcut information ..... i ll try to see if argument parameters can be use from the CLI

ok i found chrome extension  RIM ripple tha tsupport phonegap, apache cordova, RIM webworks ( default, tablet OS , blackberry 10 ) and mobile web .

i llt test all this emulator in phpstorm  and post tutorial



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