Refreshing remote git branches

Under the VCS > Git > Pull menu, you get the option to refresh the branches of the given remote. When I push this button, the current branches are indeed displayed. However, when I pull those branches and/or close the window without pulling anything, and I look at the 'Remote branches' part of the 'Git branches' menu at the bottom right, I can still also see the branches that don't exist remotely anymore. They also don't exist locally anymore.

This seems to get cached somewhere. Using this thread as a reference, I tried deleting everything under the \system\caches folder and the (empty) \system\vcs\svn_branches folder. Both don't seem to clear the list.

- Is there a somewhat hidden functionality in the IDE to update this list ?
- If not, can i clear it by removing or changing any cached file manually ? I searched through both the user folder and the installation folder, but I can't find the name of the branches in any files that might cause this, only in log files, so it must be stored in binary form somewhere.


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