Database support on PHPStorm 4.0.3


I continue trying the PHPStorm 4.0.3, and I get more and more seducted about it!!!

But my question is how do I activate the database support on PHPStorm 4.0.3? Because I've looked for this option through TOOLS | DATABASE, but I can't find DATABASE OR a connection option on this menu.

I've installed the dbnavigator plugin, but if phpstorm has a native connection system, I prefer it most!

Thank you very much

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Hi Jorge,

You don't need dbnavigator plugin to have database support.

Look for "Data Sources" tool window (View | Tool Windows | Data Sources)

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I've found but I still can't connect to the database properly. I'm using portgresql. But I really need to read the manual.

Thank you again!

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Can you show us your settings?


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