Issues with non-english keyboard

The keymap system is a strange thing anyway, but with a German keyboard there are two issues that are really annoying:

  • Navigating to braces is impossible, because it's supposed to be Ctrl+OpenBracket, which according to the keymap settings is Ctrl+Alt+7 and therefore isn't recognized. It is not configurable via the keymap!?
  • Any keyboard shortcut involving the right Alt key ("Alt Gr") is recognized as Ctrl+Alt+key in the keymap but is not recognized when pressed afterwards in the application.

Hi there,

Please check Issue Tracker for tickets with similar issues -- there is definitely should be explanation on why it works like that and what you can do in at least one of such tickets (feel free to search for other related keywords -- maybe you will find better matching tickets):

You can also search this forum for the same:


Thanks, that resolved at least the Navigating to braces issue: They are called "Move Caret to ..." in the keymap settings.

I opened an issue in the bugtracker for the Alt Gr issue.


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