File Transfer Colors

I prefer dark color schemes, but in all of the schemes I have seen, the File Transfer window uses text that is too difficult to read because they do not contrast enough with the background.  I can not find the setting that will allow me to change this color.  Where are these colors defined?

In case I am not being descriptive enough, I have attached a screen capture of the window that I am stuggling to change the font colors for.  Note that the log font colors are almost impossible to see against the dark background.

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File Transfer uses colours set for consoles. To edit them please open Settings | Editor (in IDE settings) | Colors & Fonts | Console Colors. The four colors  you are interested in are Console ... output. To edit predefined scheme use Save As... to save your own copy of it, and then edit it.

Best regards,
Elena Shaverdova

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Those were the correct settings to change.  The reason I was confused was because after I changed those settings, the color changes did not reflect in the console.  So, in order to see these changes, you need to upload files or do something in the console to see the changes.  This is odd because everywhere else, the colors change as soon as you apply them.


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