Trouble setting things up

I am evaluating PHPStorm (4.0.2)  for drupal development and I'm having some problems getting set up.  I develop from 3 different computers so I installed phpstorm on all of them and have a project sitting in a dropbox folder so I can easily switch from computer to computer.  I use a mac and 2 pcs.  I set things up on a PC then exported my settings so I could import them into the other 2 computers.  With the exception of the dropbox path, this works great.  I utilized the built in drupal settings to start off with then made some changes to the ide colors and fonts.

The main problem I want to resolve so I can truly leverage the IDE is intellisense.  I've got an entire drupal project as the project folder, but every function I look at is unrecognized.  I can't figure out why this is happening.

There is also an issue with the various phpstorm related xml files getting changed and me seeing a prompt to reload the project.  I assume this is related to my dropbox set up, but if there's a solution for that, I'd love to hear about it.

The other issue I have is with phpstorm changing line feeds on files and screwing up our git repository.  I am working with one other develop who uses a mac and I'd really like to get this issue resolved once and for all so we can actually utilize git properly instead of wading through useless changes.

One last thing is the github integration.  I understand there are issues with this in 4.0.2 which I hope to see resolved in the eap version of 4.0.3.  But for now, I'm focused mostly on the problems listed above in 4.0.2.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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