Code inspection in included files, and - typo in word "isset"?!

Hi, this is my second discussion in this forum.

First thing -

When I use variables within included files, PhpStorm inspects the variable as "undefined". I understand why it happens, but I don't understand why there is not any solution for this. I assume everyone here wants to see "No errors or warnings found". This is impossible when working with included files.

What I did - I disabled variable inspections. But now, what if I want to see inspection for variables that really doesn't exist?

I saw this question, which covers exactly my problem, but a good solutions still doesn't exist.

What I suggest is to do something with it in the next release or update. I thought about two possible solutions:

  1. The IDE will read all files in the current project, selected folder, or a specific set of files for include, require, include_once or require_once functions which include the file which is currently being edited. I think I don't have to explain more, that's easy to understand.
  2. There will be an option to add specific files that include the selected file. I mean, tell the IDE that file1.php includes the file that this option is on (file2.php).

These two methods are pretty similar.

What do you think?

Second thing -

Isn't it weird that PhpStorm highlights "isset" as a typo?


Excuse me, What the f***?

It happens only in one place in a specific file. No more. Seriously, this is so weird.

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