js ast analyzing plugin

I want to implement plugin for WebStrom which performs some static analysis over js AST.

Is it possible?

By the way, I cant find webstorm plugin SDK or web storm plugin development manual.
Maybe i tried to find wrong thing...

Well, i am aware that resharper sdk allows to create ast manipulating plugins, so i made a conclusion that webstorm plugin sdk also has such capacities.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Andrew,

There's no separate "WebStorm plugin developement manual" or "WebStorm plugin SDK", it's all in IntelliJ IDEA plugin development SDK / resources (all the products share the same platform called 'IntelliJ platform').

Some links to start:


Also I must warn you that JavaScript support plugin is closed-source (as opposed to open-source Platform/General API/Infrastructure part), so it may be problematic to work with that API. What kind of analysis you want to implement?



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