Git pull does a pull for all remotes

In my project, I have three git remotes defined:  origin, stage, and production.  I only need to occasionally push to the stage and production remotes.  I hardly ever need to do a pull from stage or production.  But, when I go to WebStorm's Git > Repository > Pull, choose the origin remote, select the master branch, and click on Pull, It ends up doing "git fetch production" and "git fetch stage" in addition to the pull from origin.  This requires me to enter my password for production and stage even though I don't need to fetch from those remote repos.  I'd prefer to have the tool just do "git pull origin master".  Is there any way around this?  Is there a way to do a manual git command from the WebStorm interface?

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Hello Jason,

I would recommend you to use "Update Project". It pulls from the tracked branch (and fetches only from the remote of this branch).

Currently there is no way to call a manual Git command from the UI, but we are working on this and expecting this feature in one of the next releases.


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