WebStorm - Console logging

Hi there,

Throughout my javascript application I make extensive use of debug/error/info logging using console.log.

This outputs fine to the console in both Chrome and Firefox using either the built-in or 3rd party debuggers (Such as Firebug). However when debugging in WebStorm I get no console logging at all.

I see errors such as this in the debug console: Unknown property 'align'.  Declaration dropped. (http://localhost/controlpanel/css/api.css:55)

But nothing from my explicit console logging.

I've tried both checking for the presence of console.log before logging and just blindly calling console.log but I get no ouput.

Have I missed something and I need to enable a setting for this? Or is console logging not currently supported in WebStorm?



This means the integrated debugging in webstorm is worthless.

The status as of this writing is console.log seems to be supported in FireFox, but not Chrome.


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