(noob question) In WebStorm, why is the Run icon grayed out?

I am new to WebStorm.  I created a boilerplate HTML 5 project.  I can launch the index.html file from within that file using the Firefox icon.  However, the Run icon in the menu is grayed out.  What do I have to do to activate it?  Also, and this is the real question, what does it mean to run an application?  If I am able to display the .html file, what does Run do additionally?

By the way, I am astounded by the quality of this application - simply amazing.  Thanks to JetBrains.

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Hi Todd,

You have to create Run/Debug configuration first (Run | Edit Configurations...) .. and only then (after you select one of them as active in dropdown box in main toolbar) you will be able to click on Run and/or Debug buttons.

When you will see the properties/fields when creating such configuration, you should figure out what "run an application" means. Possibly it will not be necessary for you to use it at all (since I do not know what kind of development you are doing there).

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Thank you for taking the time to answer.  I created a configuration like you suggested, and the Run arrow icon did become active.  But when I click on it, I get a message that says the configuration file is empty.

However, I am going to leave that alone for now.  Here's my conclusion, and I would appreciate it if you would confirm: If I have a simple web page or web site (no database, no PHP, just HTML pages linking to each other and some JS/CSS), then I *probably* am OK for now invoking the page using the browser icons.  Would you agree?

(As you also mentioned, I will understand what Run means once I progress further and it will intuitively make sense to me.)

Look forward to hearing from you,


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Yes, you are correct.

Browser icons can also be invioked via "View | Web Preview...".

Another similar functionality (depends on other settings though) is "View | Open in Browser"

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Thank you for confirming.

Again, I have to say that this product is in a class by itself.  It is the first product I have seen in a long time that moves the software development bar up to a new level.


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