Phpstorm 4.0.2 & Phing InputTask

Hi Everyone,

I am having a bit of an issue with phing and wondering if anyone has run into a similiar problem or can help me solve it.

When I run a phing build from phpstorm and there is an inputTask it does not display the prompt. It's like the build is being processed but nothing is happening.

I am using Windows 7, Zend CE Server - 5.6 w/ php 5.3.9 and install phing via pear. I don't know if that well.




Hi Swapnil,

There is a ticket that you are aware of:

I'm not using InputTask or anything like that in my builds (they all are quite simple), but if you could provide me with some simple example build.xml I could at least test it on my computer (Windows 7)


Hey Andriy,

Appreciate your help. I made a simple build file with only 1 target and 1 task and it still hangs.

One thing I should note, I am able to do everything else, whether it is to copy files, touch files, filters etc...

On a side note, if I install WAMP, and install phing via pear on that setup. Everything works. I just can't seem to get zend debugger to work with that setup so I switch back to the zend ce server.

Thanks a lot for the help!


Well ... your build works fine here from command line as well as when run from PhpStorm.

Windows 7 x64, PHP 5.3.13 (installed and configured manually, standard zip file from, xdebug 2.1.2, phing via PEAR, IIS 7.5


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