Issues in VM environment

I'm running on a mac, and have my webroot in the mac file space. I'm also running VirtualBox with a Fedora guest, and have the mac webroot as a shared folder.

I have an issue running PhpStorm in either location. If I run it on the guest, I am continuously getting messages about the project and files in .idea being read only, though they are not on the mac. I suspect it's a matter of the file ownership on the VM side, but with it being a shared folder, and mounted, I don't know that I want to change ownership. And if I must, I don't know what user or group the files need to be. This issue leaves me unable to save changes, debug, etc.

On the mac side, I cannot figure out how to debug. The VM space is using a bridged network, so it has its own IP address, so it's probably the same as debugging a remote site, even though in this case the files are shared, but the whole discussion of proxy and the command to create a proxy port (which isn't a recognized command) makes my eyes cross.

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