FTP fails to upload random files to remote server or change timestamp

When doing a large batch upload to my server, ever since PHPStorm 3.x I have had this issue. Where it will upload, but lets say I upload 300 files, on average 240 files will be uploaded because PHPStorm will loose connection to the server, but it does so randomly and not consecutively. So I would not get some files uploaded at random points.

Also, how can I resolve the error saying that: Failed to change timestamp of the file (...)

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First about "Failed to change timestamp of the file". We're currently using MDTM command to retrieve and change server timestamps, and some servers don't support it. See more in issue. Feel free to vote for it, and in case your server supports MDTM please let me know.

Please provide more info about failure. Currently logs can contain minor information about failure, and enabling debug for deployment would give all info. If you'll find time to do it, please, create an issue with logs provided. Logs can be found in Help | Reveal logs in... , and here is description of enabling debug.

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I get fails sometimes too

ususally accompanied by "because it is not a file".  Perhaps this is what you are seeing.  The "Sync with Local..."  in the "Remote Hosts" panel seams the most reliable for me.


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