Webstorm missing Features like Eclipse

Hello, I try now Webstorm IDE to develop my JavaScript Project, before I  buy the full Version there are a few things that I know from Eclipse IDE which I want to have in Webstorm.
The Manual and google could not help me so maybe somebody can help me here :)

1. Dock Bookmarks:
Is there a way that I ca dock the Bookmarks Box which appears when I hit shift+F11 into the main window that it does not dissapear always  when I click outside of it ?

2. Expand whole Function:
If I collapse all Functions in a .js file with ctrl + shift + NumLockMinus and then I expand a single function with ctrl + NumLockPlus all the sub content ( like "if", "while" statements ) in this Function is still collapsed.
Is there a way to expand a whole function with all the sub Content that I do not have to click on every single plus, because I have sometimes very big functions?

3. When I add my Project to SVN is there a way that I can see in the Project Explorer if the file is modifiy regarding to the latest version in the Repository?

I am really used to this features from Eclipse but Webstorm delivers some advantages for Javascript which are to good to ignore the Program :)

I would be very happy if somebody can help me !

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Hi Carson,

1) Nope

2) Nope

You can file new Feature request on Issue Tracker (1 or better 2) if those are not correct tickets (but please check if it is not exist already)

3) WebStorm colors the file name based on VCS status (as shown on screenshot). There is no special overlay icons (for files) or parent folders. For that -- look at these tickets:


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