GUI panels saving globally

Good evening Devs :)

Is there a possibilty to save the panels like Remote Host or Project globally and not for each project?
I need this, because I use a dual monitor setup and the panels have their own monitor. On each project the panels are set to their default position, so that only one monitor is used.
For all of you know Dreamweaver, I'm searching for a feature like the workspaces in it.


Hi Rene,

Not exactly, but please try

  • Window | Store Current Layout as Default
  • Restore Default Layout

Hello Andriy,

thanks for your quick reply. This helps me for 50%. The Panels are now in the floating mode, but the positions aren't restored.

Do you know whether the default layout is stored on the IntelliJ Configuration Server?


Sorry, no idea -- I've never dealt with IntelliJ Configuration Server


No problem ;)


I'm looking for a similar thing.

I run phpStorm on a 3 monitor setup and I want phpStorm to open in the right most monitor.

The center monitor is the default and phpStorm refuses to remember the monitor it's on and always opens on the center monitor. It is currently the only application I use regularly that refuses to obey and open on the monitor it's been set to!

Now I don't open and close phpStorm THAT much but it's still a pain to have to press [Windows] - [Shift] - [Right Arrow] every time the program opens to get it onto it's monitor.

Frankly this is an issue I have with all JetBrains IDE's



Hi Richard,

Please create a ticket for that (if it does not exist already).


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