Inspecting multiline variables?

Maybe it's something i've missed (since v2) but i often have trouble inspecting multiline variables in the debugger, especially on a small laptop screen. Vars are always shown as a single line in the Variables panel, with "Click to see full value" at the end, usually hidden behind the watches panel. You can right click and do "inspect" and then scroll all the way to the end (sometimes a very very long way) and there's another "Click to see full value" link but it would be really handy to have an easier way to do this (like just hovering over the var in the code, for instance?) I often end up copy and pasting the value into something else.

Hope this is already in there and i just missed it, if not please could i request it?
(and while you're there a way to identify whitespace chars would be nice too! ;))

Thanks in advance, this is just about the only defect i've uncovered in over two years, so generally... well done!

jonny B

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I have not any way to wrap these lines on the screen. It is really inconvenient to copy values and paste in other editors that support word wrap.


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