Reindex hangs

Anyone else experiencing this with 4.0 ?
If I start a project which needs to be re-indexed (something storm decides and does on it's own), sometimes it finishes but usually I have to force quit.

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Hi steward,

Try deleting indexes manually (actually, not just indexes (which can be done via File | Invalidate Caches...), but all such PhpStorm-generated files). Obviously, consider backing it up first (just in case). It helped me once in the past (a year or so ago). But since then I had no such issues again, so not sure how helpful it may be.

On Windows 7 it will be C:\Users\USERNAME\.WebIde40\system

For other OS -- check this doc:

Also -- where you files are located -- local disk (HDD/SSD) or networked? The later may give you such issues under some conditions (e.g. high latency network connection)


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