Finishing the search in the settings dialog

Hi, I have another silly question. Using phpstorm for two years now I'm still to figure out how to accept the selected search result in the settings dialog.

My difficulty begins something like this: Command+Comma, start typing "Live Templates", the correct pane shows up on the right, but it has a semi-transparent dark overlay. Focusing on it, pressing enter or tab doesn't turn it off, and the help mentions nothing about this second part of the search. It still works, so its not a huge issue, but still it would be nice to know what's going on. Thanks!


Hi Leo,

I'm not really sure what problem you are facing here. If I go and search for the same I see 3 setting sections (left side) so I can navigate between them and right side is indeed dimmed a bit, but I can still click any buttons/check boxes etc.

To see what that darkish overlay means -- just search for something different, e.g. "caret". then go to the first setting section (Editor) and you will see that all checkboxes that have word "caret" in label are highlighted differently. Therefore, the purpose for this dimmed overlay is to point to matching individual controls.

I'm on Windows 7


I see how it is now, the functionality seems the same for mac, and it is very clever, though maybe a bit confusing until you learn what it means.

Thanks Andriy


I think I know why it was confusing now. Greyed out usually means disabled, but here it means irrelevant. It's still very much appreciable, though.


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