How do you do SVN branches and merging?

ok, so I can't seem to figure out merging with PhpStorm. I really couldn't find any good articles/posts on how to that didn't end with "yeah, PhpStorm sucks for merging branches."

Branching I seem to have down:

Version Control->Subversion->Branch or Tag
And then update the current directory with that branch.

Does that sound about right?

But merging... Man... I have no clue what to do. There's this "merge from" option, but it either doesn't work or is just not intuitive at all.

So I have

1) How do I update my local copy of coolstuff to have all the changes that have happened in trunk?
2) How do I integrate the coolstuff branch back into trunk?


Creating tagging with branching
Hi there,  I tried to first create a tag or a branch from a local working repository,I copied the entire working file locaiton to a  a branches and name it new_branch.  I applied a comment a thereafter.  Under the change tabs,I click on merge_from.  and then I selected branch.Thats all about it.

Do let me know if it works.

Untitled picture.png

seriously does the tab on the bottom displays cannot merge from self.


I'm lost too. It's rather frustrating.

I have a branch and a trunk.
I commit changes to the trunk. Now I want them to go to the branch.
I update to the branch. All the files are on the branch. Check.
I click 'Merge From'
The URL field is for the trunk. I can't change this. I don't know what it is or why I can't change it. It doesn't change no matter what branch I'm currently on. I guess it's my current 'trunk' setting.
I click 'Merge From...' at the bottom and try to choose the trunk, because that's where the changes are that I want.
I'm told I can't merge from self... but I'm not on the trunk, I'm on the branch. I want to merge from the trunk to the branch. Do I need to change that unchangeable URL somehow or something? How do I get the 'Merge From' command box to know I'm not on the trunk, that I'm trying to get changes FROM the trunk TO somewhere else?
And before I tried this in exactly the opposite direction, and ran into the same exact problem. Committed changes to the branch, switched to trunk, tried to merge from branch, and it says I can't merge from self....

All I want to do is run a simple command along the lines of 'svn merge svn://repository/svn/project/trunk -r 3000:3001' while I'm currently in the branch. How do I do that...? What am I doing wrong exactly?

FYI this is on PyCharm


I can't "Merge from..." too. It's anytime saying "Merge start wasn't found"!!! I do "Branch or Tag" function in trunk, switching to my branch, trying to do a "Merge from..." - not working :(!
How to do a NORMAL simple merge? NOT Branch Integration. Branch Integration makes me to have a local project for branch and local project for trunk, but it's completely wrong! I need merge!


I haven't actually done any branching/merging myself yet, but after looking at properties of "trunk" on an established project, I assume the problem is in the command you are using ... you could possibly try setting the following property on "trunk"

svn:mergeinfo /branches/x.y aaa-bbb

x.y = the desired branch
aaa-bbb = the revision range being merged


Hello Sergey,

Do you still have the issue?

Thank you for feedback!



Thanks for sharing!


Yes. In PhpStorm EAP 110.293 this bug is still present.


Hello Mike,

have you read this?
I beleive I tried to describe merge procedure there


Hello Sergey,

"Merge start was not found" is reported when IDEA fails to find a copy point of branch from trunk.
It goes back the history and tries to find a revision where one of URLs (we have one URL corresponding to your working copy and another - that you select in popup) was copied to another.
I also try to check copy of parents of these URLs

I suppose there could be a bug and I plan to check it
However when I implemented the feature it worked ok for me
So there must be some specific case
I will have a look


Irina, I've got same problem. Could you look at my comment -


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