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I'm using PHPStorm v4 [build 117.222].  When I create a file template I am not able to edit/set a description.  I've tried both creating one from scratch, and copying an existing one.  In both cases, the description field is completely blank and is not editable.

I just figured I'd ask to see if I am supposed to be able to edit it.

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Hi Gary,

As far as I'm aware it's been like that all the time and description is only available for built-in templates (it is assumed that you know what your templates do and what they are for). At the end of the day, you see that description only when going to that screen (Settings | Files Templates), which explains you what this built-in template does and where it is used, and not when creating new file.

You can file a Feature Request to the Issue Tracker if it is important for you -- depending on the votes count it may eventually be implemented.


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