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My company uses a proprietary server-side language embedded in html files with a special entension (QSP).
The language scripts are surrounded by <% and %> tags.
I did define a new file type (*.QSP) with our all keywords and details.
It works great except for the fact that surrounding html code is not highlighted.
If I define *.QSP files as HTML, the our embedded code is not highlighted (nor I get auto completion for keywords).
I found that is not possible to add the same extension to more than one file type.
Is this possible?
That is the only issue keeping us from buying this excelent software.
This is an example of our code:

     IF (A EQ 1)
               "<h2>Just a sample</h2>"
               "<h3>Another sample</h3>"

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Nope this is currently NOT possible.


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