PhpStorm 4.0 RC3 more information?

Hello together,

this morning, there was an information-popup after the phpStorm 3.0.3 starting process. If I'm right, there was one button for update, one for cancel and one for "more information": All about phpStorm 4.0 RC3. So I pressed "more information". But in the browser appeared a new tab with information about phpStorm 3.0.3; Not about 4.0 RC3. To make things worse, the popUp was also disappeared.
No hits while searching for phpStorm 4.0 RC 3 on jetbrain. And also the "Check for updates ..." said :" You allready have the latest version installed...". A restart from phpStorm doesn't help => no Popup.

I read, phpStorm 4.0 should be not fast as 3.0.3, so I decided to wait with the EAP. Maybe one of the next step could be to find the path to speed up 4.0. So I'm interested about the Information about 4.0 RC3. Have someone a link for the missing site about details, and where I could download the Software? I only found the phpStorm 4.0 RC2 build 117.222 from Apr 17 under

And for the jetBrain-Developer: I think you should change the target for the button "more information".

Thanks for your help

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Hello together, -- that is the latest v4 RC build. RC2 was 117.211 while current one is 117.222, therefore  you can count current one as RC3.

Info about changes can be found in WebStorm & PhpStorm Blog ( ) or directly on Issue Tracker

117.222 build was released just a day after 117.211, so there are not many changes there, just fixed few performance issues appeared in 117.211 build.

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Thank you very much,
and it sounds good.

During the installation I could import my settings from a previous version, if I would know the config folder or the installation home of the previous version (3.0.3) of PhpStorm.

The directory /Application doesn't match, also /Application/PhpStorm give the same answer:" ....does not appear to be PhpStorm config folder or installation home.
For the exported Settings and his directory it's the same.

Would someone have me a tip where the config folder, or installation home for the previos version could be. With finder I found things in Users/myName/Library/Caches, or ./SavedApplicationState. But I don't like to do things wrong.

My system: OS X 10.7.3

Kind regrards

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in v3 -- "File | Export Settings ..."

in v4 -- "File | Import Settings ..."

If you want the actual folder -- please try ~/Library/Preferences/.WebIde10

Similar problem:

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Hi Andriy and all users with the same/similar problem,
Excuse the re-ask of a similar question... I didn't find a good search-result with "OS X installation folder" or "OS X config folder", to be honest, I only overflown the first 2 1/2 sites with search results...

But now, this post is on the first search-result-site and so I will write about my "experiences":

If you want the actual folder -- please try ~/Library/Preferences/.WebIde10

This tip was the match-winner. phpStorm 4.0 RC3 imports all the stuff from my previous System. Also the "linked files" from the project.
Great work, like most of the time!!

phpStorm 4.0 is quit fast. It didn't feel slower than 3.0.3 on my MacBook Pro with OS X 10.7.3 2.33 GHz Core 2 Duo with only 2 GB Ram DDR2 SDRAM (so it's not the newest machine, but 4.0 works fine on it). An afternoon isn't long enough to say it's a real big experience.
But the first impression is quite good. Although there are on the first look not to many differences to 3.0.3 with the normal daily php-work. I read the change-logs, so I guess, it would be like this.I'm happy to have a fast IDE, with less problems compared with other systems!
What jetBrain should change, if the machine works fine on the daily work. So I'm happy with it. mutch more happy as before with ZendStudio, NetBeans or Aptana.

So thank you for the good stabil IDE and your work.


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