PHPdoc for autocomplete

  k so im new to using phpdoc's been trying to figure out how to do this

I have an index file setting up all my routes etc.. also delcaring stuff like

$app->set('DB', new DB('mysql:host=localhost;dbname=database', 'username', 'password'));
$app->set("GOOGLE_ANALYTICS", "");
$app->set('MEDIA_folder', 'D:/Web/MeetPad');

later on i refrence these like

F3::get("DB"), F3::get("GOOGLE_ANALYTICS") etc. wondering is there a way with phpdocs to have these veriables in autocomplete? so i type F3::get("{caret} and get a list like DB,  GOOGLE_ANALYTICS, MEDIA_folder


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Hi William,

There is no such functionality currently available in PhpStorm and there is no standard way of documenting such functionality (I have not used other PHP IDEs for a while now and cannot really comment this aspect).

There are definitely few tickets on Issue Tracker regarding helping with entering values into some standard php functions (e.g. , etc)

Somehow related:

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I think this is more like providing list of constants that can be used in particular parameter... can't find the issue now though...

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yeah that would work DO IT PLEASE!!! hehehe <3


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