Project window folders disappeared

After closing phpStorm, in my Project tab, folders are disappeared.
I closed and reponed it by "open directory" but that directory's subdirectories are not visible in Project tab.
I tried Shift+F12, restore default layout, but didn't help.

How can i restore to default layout that i had after installation?
Thank you.

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Hi ben,

Please check this ticket and links mentioned there for possible solutions --

The simplest solution -- delete .idea sub folder while project is closed in PhpStorm (.idea is where project settings are stored) and then use "File | Open Directory" to open it again. You will have to reconfigure project again, I'm afraid (in most cases this will be a matter of few minutes).

If you want -- back up .idea before deleting and then compare those files to see what was wrong -- you should be able to copy back most (almost all I would say) of the config files.

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@Andriy That solved my issue thank you very much

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It's an option you can change under the 'Project' selection.


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