I'm loosing all my deployment servers under v4, is it just me or a v4 bug?

Before I submit a bug report, I just wanted to ask if anyone else is seeing this.

I have a working v3.0 install on my Mac and use it daily with numerous projects all with FTP or local file system deployment servers defined.  When I launch the v4 PHPStorm, it complains that "Default server 'foo' does not exist. Please reveiw your deployment settings."  I do that and the list of deployment servers is completely empty. I relaunch v3 and they are all there.

I've seen this for several builds of the early access versions but have just now had the time to ask about it.

Am I missing something dumb/obvious or should I file a bug report?




Servers are defined on application level, not per project. That means configuration files are not in .idea folder, but in <user folder>\.WebIde<some extension>\config\options. New version of PhpStorm uses new folder for configs, currently .WebIde40. Recommended way to share deployment servers configs across installations or machines is via File -> Export Settings (ensure 'Deployment servers' option is checked). Then use File -> Import Settings on target installation. See more in the issue.

Best regards,
Elena Shaverdova


Thanks!  That did the trick.


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