Better way to commit changes to git?

I'm working with a project in phpstorm that I have tied to a git repo... I'm looking for a better/faster way to commit the changes... Currently this is my step:

1. CTRL-S - to save everything
2. CTRL-ALT-A - to add changes to git
3. ALT-S, G, I - to pull up the VCS > Git > Commit File dialog
4. Here, I have to grab the mouse, to push Commit > Commit and Push
5. Mouse to Commit on Code Analysis window
6. Mouse to Push on Git Push window

Step 3 breaks down if you have a search dialog up since ALT-S is the shortcut for "Selection Only" in that dialog...

Is there any faster way to do this than go through all the dialogs?  It's faster to have a command window open, jump to that and up-arrow through the history to add and commit the changes, but I'd rather be able to do it right from the IDE.


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I can't tell if this is just my settings, but the following seems to work
CTR-K : Commits the entire project.  Includes any unsaved changes[saving them as it does]
<tab> to commit message, enter message
ALT-P: highlights 'commit and push'

Saves, commits, pushes

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Thanks Gary, that is helpful.  I was able to follow your instructions, now just have to get it down... but it looks like it eliminates the need for a mouse.

Thanks again!

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@Gary Mort 

How to config if I just want to commit but not push ? The "ALT-P" step


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