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I am trying to develop an application using node with  Using just node I can compile and debug just fine, but when I try to use the module I get an error stating "Cannot find module ''".  Any ideas on what I need to do to configure Webstorm to see this module?


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Are you on Windows?

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When playing with node recently I've found that globally installed modules (e.g. c:\Program Files (x86)\nodejs\node_modules\mysql) cannot be found, as node searches modules in a couple locations but not in the right one:
from Module.js:

Module._initPaths = function() {
  var paths = [path.resolve(process.execPath, '..', '..', 'lib', 'node')];

  if (process.env['HOME']) {
    paths.unshift(path.resolve(process.env['HOME'], '.node_libraries'));
    paths.unshift(path.resolve(process.env['HOME'], '.node_modules'));

  if (process.env['NODE_PATH']) {
    var splitter = process.platform === 'win32' ? ';' : ':';
    paths = process.env['NODE_PATH'].split(splitter).concat(paths);

  modulePaths = paths;

  // clone as a read-only copy, for introspection.
  Module.globalPaths = modulePaths.slice(0);

This '..', '..' looks like it asumes Unix paths (/usr/local/bin, usr/lib etc.)

Right now I workarounded this by adding NODE_PATH to my run configuration params:

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That got it working.
Thank you very much!

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You're welcome.

Although I'm not sure if I should report a bug to Node devs or somethng.


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