PhpStorm + Mac OSX + Perforce


I've had much success getting phpstorm up and running on my win7 PC and wanted to also get my laptop going which runs Mac OSX, in the setup options for perforce it asks me for both the p4 executable and the p4v executable path, I had p4v installed and can successfully find the directory it stores the p4 binary in, but phpstorm seems to be unable to find the path to the p4 executable. I even downloaded the p4 commandline client from their website and pointed it at that and I get an error stating it can't find the file.

Has anyone gotten this up and running? Is there some trick to getting p4 integration working in phpstorm on macosx that I am unaware of?

Thanks in advance,


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Yes, we even use Perforce for some project internally. Usually it just works. Have you made p4 executable? i.e. does it run from console?


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