print php code and methods

I document my code with phpDoc.
Does one know if it is possible to
1) Print out e.g. all methods with parameters of a class from within phpStorm?
2) Print out Code of a class using a standard print color schema WITHOUT switching the monitor color schemas? Because I use a dark color schema for coding, so I really would not like print it out with a black background on my printer.
3) Print Code or Summaries of the code as e.g. pdf?

Do I need phpDoc (phpDoc 2) for this?
Is there any other solution?
Or how do you all handle this: Don´t you do hardcopy prints?

Thanks for your help and your opinions.

Sincerely, Adrian.

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Hi Adrian,

  1. Not possible .. and I do not really see why PhpStorm should be able to do that (I mean -- it can be great, but that is not main focus of this program). You better you PHPDocumentor or DocBlox for that (that's their primary task).
  2. Well .. you can choose to not to use "color printing" on "File | Print ..." dialog. Otherwise you can try and use "View | Quick Switch Scheme..." (use shortcut for really quick access) to switch to default/more suitable colour scheme before printing.
  3. Install any PDF creator software that will install virtual printer (e.g. Adobe Acrobat -- but you should be able to find free one) and print on that virtual device.

Or how do you all handle this: Don´t you do hardcopy prints?

I personally don't deal with printed copies of the code (maybe once a year -- which is nothing).

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Ok, thank you for your answers and your opinion.
I really like to have hardcopies of the definitions of methods and so on, so I think I will handle this with phpDoc.
Switching the color schema with a shortcut is ok, so I will use that trick.
I just wanted to be sure that I did not miss any feature.

Thanks a lot,


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