PHPStorm first impressions

I have been evaluating this product for a few days.

I have to admit, I kinda' hit the wall with it at first, because there are so many things it just does "differently".  Not all these things are "bad", just different.  Things that you expect to work a certain way, configure differently, function differently or just are approached from a different point of view.

As I get my head around some of these nuances, I have begun to understand them more.  I think this is an IDE that I am going to have to spend some quality time with to really be able to leverage all it has to offer.

Meanwhile, I just want to say that when I have contacted support directly, and, even on the forums, the response has been very good.  That's good to know as I dig deeper into this IDE in earnest for the first time.

I have good hopes that this will be my new IDE.

Thanks everyone,


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