non-intrusive automplete


I'd like to know if there is a way to have non intrusive auto-complete.
For example, if I type
<a href="
and look at the screen, I see
<a href==""|"
(the | being my cursor)
That is very annoying to have such a feature slowing you down instead of speeding you up.

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Hi there,

I personally do not have such problem -- so I think it is your settings. Quite likely (in my opinion, of course, as I see it right now) "Autopopup code completion in (ms)" is very low (or even 0, which is = instant).

I can reproduce such behavior if code completion kicks in instantly so href is completed using it. In this case ="" is added automatically (the same will happen if you invoke code completion manually via Ctrl+Space). However, if I complete it by typing manually all chars (as I have 1000ms for the aforementioned setting) it completes with no issue.

Please check (and maybe show a screenshot of) your Settings | Editor | Code Completion

I prefer to invoke completion popup manually -- old habit from other IDEs and have no issue with pressing Ctrl+Space when required. This prevents from such annoying situations/intrusive behaviour.

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Thank you Andriy, that answer was exactly what I needed :)


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