File associations depending on a project

That would be handy to remove the file associations settings from "IDE" to "Project settings".

I will describe my problem. I work permanently on two different projects. Both have template files with *.tpl extension. But in the 1st *.tpl-files are just HTML with adds of PHP, in the 2nd project it is Smarty-files. That's quite important for me IDE to recognize syntax of these files correctly. That's why always when I switch between these projects I have to reassign file associations for *.tpl files between PHP and Smarty. After reassigning it takes several minutes to re-read whole project with new settings.

I would be pleased if you tell me another handy solution of that problem.

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Hi Ilja,

Currently it is not possible.

Please watch/vote/comment this ticket (I, personally, do not expect this to be implemented even in next few versions: relatively rarely used + it's platform-wide change):


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