PHPDoc type hinting for array of objects

// core class
class ArrayCollection extends Countable, IteratorAggregate, ArrayAcces {

    /* @var array */
    // array of objects
    private $_elements;

    public function key()

    {         return key($this->_elements);     }          public function next()     {         return next($this->_elements);     }          public function current()     {         return current($this->_elements);     }


class B { }

class A

    private $items;

     * @return B[]
     public function getItems()      {
          // say $this->items already contains an ArrayCollection class instance with an array of B class objects inside.           return $this->items;      }

it works okay. However i have not just an array of objects of type B, i have an ArrayCollection object which implements ArrayAccess, which contains an array of objects of type B.

So $items = $a->getItems();
$items[0]->somemethod() suggest correctly
does not suggest anything.

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Hi Alexei,

Could you please clarify your example a bit more (more complete example code) ?

Your code hint clearly states -- "array of objects of type/class B" -- it does not say that it is a collection itself. Most likely you will need something like this:

@return B[]|Your_Array_Collection_Class

In any case -- these tickets can be related to your case:

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@return B[]|Your_Array_Collection_Class

This looks like a workaround because it does not actually return B[] OR ArrayCollection, it returns both, but it helped! ;) Hope jetbrains team thinks of a more correct solution for this.
I updated the example for the sake of correctness, i took it out from context, it is from Doctrine2.

Thank you very much!
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Well .. PhpStorm uses PHPDoc syntax which (as far as I know) has no special way of describing "class A AND class B" therefore @return ArrayCollection|B[] seems pretty legit and makes sense (at very least IMO).


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