How to create new file type association similar to existed one?

I need to make a smarty-like syntax highlight for eZ Publish template. I've read this post and haven't found the answer.
But if i simply create new file type and  write some code snippets I lose highlight of html tags in template.
I  understand that I can add all tags manually, but may be there is an  opportunity to get smarty settings and make some changes to them?
In File->Settings->FileTypes Smarty not available to edit or view

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You can try this (although I'm not sure it will work as I do not have any custom file type to test with before giving such advice):

  • Create your custom file type
  • Settings | Template Languages
  • Find your file of that file type (or whole folder) and choose "HTML" as language
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my fall, attach example template

as u can see smarty doesnt understand some states like def
and much important found error in statements

{if $itemsl1|count|gt(0)}

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Smarty support is implemented via Java and all those "settings" are hardcoded (part of PHP plugin itself) as it is not possible to implement proper support for something like Smarty with simple File Type entry.

Unfortunately I cannot help you here (I originally thought it was more simpler than this).

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Yep, i found php.jar inside phpstorm installation and smarty folder inside

Thx for your attension, will wait for some more help


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