Please convert pref folder from 3.02 to 4.0 EAP 114.282

I have many templates (live templates), key mappings, and other  configuration data I spent hours setting up in PHPStorm. I install the EAP and nothing. I notice (on Mac) it now uses it's own folder (Webide40) for configuration. And that's fine, but but no conversion from older versions?

I tried coping over the new data with old, and didn't work. I'd rather not spend hours in setup again. Please.


Don't know -- worked just fine for me (I'm on Windows):

  • I've launched it for first time ... it created new config folder and files
  • Exited PhpStorm, deleted all config files (as I did not know what the folder name would be) and copied ALL config files over)
  • Launched PhpStorm again -- everything was there (as far as I could tell .. maybe Code Formatting was not perfect .. but that possibly was just me, unsure here).

Try again maybe ... unless on Mac some config files are stored in different places.


I can get the "live" template to work. But nothing else. The color, editor pref's, keymapping, tc. etc. Which isn't a huge thing. It's the template that are most important to me.

This might go away once we get closer to release. So not gonna open an issue until after the offical release.

Thanks for your comments.


run ps v3 export settings... then close it.. run v4... import settings. worked for me.. i just had to redo my passwords etc

(all under "file" menu)

as for plugins and stuff... plugins from the config folder for 3 to the config folder for 4.. and it was sorted
on windows

cant remember which now...


C:\Users\William\.WebIde40 ~


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