Debug PHPUnit with ZendDebugger in PHPStorm 3

Hi guys,

I'm trying to debug a test file using PHPUnit 3.5.15 + PHPStorm 3 + ZendDebugger and I can't. It seems to be configured to debug with xdebug only and I'm not seeing the place to change it. Does It really exist this place?

The message thrown by PHPStorm is "Debug connection with 'xdebug' was not established"

I can debug the app without any problem, but I'm having problems with the test cases.

Do you have any idea? If I can help you with some screenshots or additional data, just tell me.

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Juan,

  1. Settings | PHP
  2. Select your PHP Interpreter and click on ".." button to manage PHP Interpreters
  3. Select "Zend Debugger" in Debugger drop-down box


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Thanks! It's solved!


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