git pull --rebase with PHPStorm

I can't find the way to make this with PHPStorm.
I found almost the exacty same question here:

But that solution is not good for me. I need to make a pull --rebase from a specific remote and a specific branch (like the dialog from VCS -> Git -> Pull )

Is possible to do that?

And if it's not possible with an action, can we execute custom git commands from the IDE?
I need to run something like:

git pull --rebase anotherRemoteNotOrigin someBranch

Thanks !

PS: I'm using github

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I think we can mimic
git pull --rebase anotherRemoteNotOrigin someBranch
with VCS -> Update Project how was pointed in the answer at SO.
But before that you need to create with git console a new remote (alias) and then you need to choose the correct alias and branch on VCS | Git | Configure Tracked Branch...

I'm not sure if that's the same.

Anyway, it would be really nice if we could execute git commands directly from the IDE.
Should I open a feature request or this is possible right now?

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Hello Enrique,

Currently there is no way to pull via rebase from the other remote.

As about Git console feature, here is the request, feel free to vote it:

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I voted for it !
only 2 votes :(


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