svn/git questions coming from eclipse

Hello, I'm running a trial of PHPStorm 3.0.3 and coming from Eclipse.

I was wondering how I could get more svn info to display in my project folder.  For example in eclipse, the folder root shows which trunk/branch/tag I am currently working out of.  Next to each of the files is a version number and name of user with last change

Also there are icons that signify there are uncommitted changes, for example a project might look like

root* (svnpath/trunk)
file1 123   date   user1
file2 124 date user2
file3* 127 date user1
file4 127 date user1

And the * would signify that there are uncommitted changes contained in root and folderB caused by file3

Is there something similar?


not sure about svn, but for git what i normally do is when i start a project which has source code from the beginning, I add everything to git, then check the CHANGES box along the bottom of the IDE.

When I change something in a file, that file will appear in that CHANGES panel.  once im finished doing what im doing i open the CHANGES box and right click and select "commit changes".  once thats done the changes dissappear and there is nothing in that box anymore.

is that what your after?


ah that helps, was hoping for something I didnt need open in addition to the file explorer, but this makes it easier thanks

is there anyway to view the last commit date/user easily on current files?

or where you can see what branch you are working off of?


There are a lot of nifty things you can do.  some that I have found useful are:

* Its not git, but it is the local revision control built into the IDE.  Select a block of code -> right click -> local history -> local history for selection.  //this shows just the history for that block of code.

* you can right click on the editor (or the file name in the projects pane)  and go to GIT -> SHOW HISTORY to get the git history.

* one that i use often is in the CHANGES panel with the list of just changed files is to click on the file that has changed and hit CTRL+D to bring up a comparison of what has changed.  //note, that in the editor CTRL+D duplicates the current line and its easy to think your focus is on the changes panel when its really on the editor and you unknowingly add an extra line of code.  best to check first.

* with the CHANGES panel open there are 2 tabs along the top LOCAL and LOG.  The LOG is the full history of git with all the revision notations.

* to change the branches there is a small "Git: master" along the bottom right of the screen.  click this to change branches.

* when you are working on shared hosting without git installed, its still a good idea to have git running on your local copy.  You can use the SYNC WITH DEPLOYED TO (server name)  to download all the changed files and they will appear in your CHANGES panel when they get here.  from there you can see whats changed and use CTRL+D to compare before committing.

Those are some of the things I use on a regular basis.


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