Is there a way to Synch Mac Client with Linux server, the same codebase

I'm looking for a way to do most my development on my Mac OSX Snow Leopard and a Linux Server,   essentially using the same codebase except a single "Configuration" file which can be different on both machines.

I'm doing most of my work in HTML,   making HTML templates preferrably using an HTML editor to make Django compatable Templates,  with the ability to debug and test on my Laptop,   then exporting the code (Hopefully through some automatic means) to the server,   but after that,   I'm going to want to Synch them.

Is this possible with JetBrains?    If not,   then how many JetBrains staff do I have to bribe to get them to add this incredibly awsome time saver.   :-)

I'm very new to WebStorm and the Django-Python IDE,    and why would I want to use your system over someone elses?

Also,   is the demo version "crippled" or fully featured for 90 day trial?



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