Have questions related to the testing of 3.0.2

Disclaimer: happily working on Linux / Ubuntu.

1. PHP extensions

I created a new extension for PHP files, say '.azz'.  (Actually were created in previous projects)
At the top of main.php file, have

  require 'adir/incme.azz'

`incme.azz', during development, is in the same dir as 'main.php' (and I don't want to change that).
So, initially, PS told me, for each function of incme.azz, 'undefined function'. Fair enough.

So, I
- added the '.azz' ext to the PHP file types
- made a symbolic link (ln -s) in the same dir

  $  ln -s . adir

- and added in PHP Include paths (External libraries), the current dir

=> All the incme.azz functions are recognized in main.php, Great...

BUT, the 'require' call above is still in error, claiming "Can't resolve target of expression 'adir/incme.azz'"

How can I get rid of that error?

2. Perl

Have some perl scripts.
PS seems to read the syntax OK (highlighting is ok).
But it doesn't show the Perl errors (like a random line inserted somewhere, and file saved [well, a random line in Perl is likely to mean something, so, believe me, I wrote it meticulously ;-).)
I use PS mainly for PHP - but,

To which extent goes the support for Perl?

3. Remarks on Subversion (not a question)

It requires the pass when downloading (checkout), then again when comparing versions (only once hopefully).
And there is a bug after changing the Modified color of File Status (saving to own file), then, when reetering Settings the bg color was blue and nothing readable there

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Any chance of some answer to the questions above?


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