Synchronize All Remote File with local ones

Hi there,

i'm trying out the free trial of phpStorm and I'm realy impressed and overwhelmed by the functionallity.
But I have problem and i can't find a proper solution for me, maybe I'm, blind.

I created a Project with the "file->New Project from existing files" wizzard and choose:
"Web server is on remote host, files are accessible via FTP/SFTP".

After finish the Project Configuration phpStorm loads all the project files via sftp and i started to work,
everything fine.

2 Days later, i changed a few files directly on the remote server, using a different Editor on a different PC.

Now i came back to phpStorm and wanted to synchronize alle the remote files with the local ones,
but can't find any solution.

I figured out, that i can mark a Remote Directory and then chose "Download from here" or "Sync with local".
But i don't want to do this for every directoy.

Is there a function that do this "Sync with local" for the whole Project?

I hope you can understand my question, despite my bad english.

Thank you

Best Regards


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When you create project from existing files, your project root gets mapped to some remote directory, which was downloaded into new project. So Download and Sync (you'll see changes there and can download selected) should be available on root element in Project View (in Deployment submenu), and those actions are recursive. If you created multiple mappings, things are a little bit more complicated. Mapped directories have green background in Remote Host tree, so, you'll have to download from each green's subgraph root. Also, if you use PhpStorm 4.0, you can Sync multiple directories at once.

Best regards,

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i think you mean mark the Project Root in the Local Windows and then select "Tools->Deployment->Sync with deployed to ..."?

This runs now over 30 minutes and doesnt go farther anymore ... for the whole Project it needs for sure over 2 hours ...
could it be possible?

It's a simple Magento with a few (10) own extensions.

Thank you

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Yes, or mark the Project Root in the ProjectVier, and in context menu Deployment | Sync with...
Well, anything is possible. Currently the only solution i can offer is to minimize number of synced directories, and check them one-by-one. Now files are compared by default by content, and there is no option to change it to faster by size or by timestamp comparison before default comparison is finished. It definitely would be fixed.
If the only problem is not to loose or override those changes, set in Tools | Deployment | Options Warn when uploading over newer file: Compare content, and enable Notify about remote changes. You will be notified about remote change when open corresponding file locally, and merge would be suggested when upload over the changed file.

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Yes, this feature is way too slow to be used on large projects.

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What I miss is the function "Synchronize with remote server / put newer files to remote" that recognizes all modified local files (jpg, png... too) and uploads them.

Also an option to include depending files (css, js, jpg, includes...) when uploading a php file.

(Just installed PHPStorm 2 days ago, used Dreamweaver till then)


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