Synchronize All Remote File with local ones

Hi there,

i'm trying out the free trial of phpStorm and I'm realy impressed and overwhelmed by the functionallity.
But I have problem and i can't find a proper solution for me, maybe I'm, blind.

I created a Project with the "file->New Project from existing files" wizzard and choose:
"Web server is on remote host, files are accessible via FTP/SFTP".

After finish the Project Configuration phpStorm loads all the project files via sftp and i started to work,
everything fine.

2 Days later, i changed a few files directly on the remote server, using a different Editor on a different PC.

Now i came back to phpStorm and wanted to synchronize alle the remote files with the local ones,
but can't find any solution.

I figured out, that i can mark a Remote Directory and then chose "Download from here" or "Sync with local".
But i don't want to do this for every directoy.

Is there a function that do this "Sync with local" for the whole Project?

I hope you can understand my question, despite my bad english.

Thank you

Best Regards



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