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Hi, is possible to develop plugins for PHPStorm? I was reading this:
And you said:  

PHP support is closed source and has no open API today so you can't legally write a plugin to it

But that was in 07/2011, is there any news about this?   

I'm using Netbeans Zend Studio and Flash Builder for almost all my projects. And after reading good reviews about IDEA, PHPStorm, etc I decided to give it a try.   
I like many of the features of PHPStorm but I see a big and very very common problem: it has very poor (if any) support for frameworks
And in every project I'm using at least one framework, ZF, Kohana, Magento, etc etc.
And PHPStorm not only doesn't offer any extra help on this but also is complicating things, for example in Kohana it breaks their transparent extension system because PHPStorm gets confused by Multiple Declarations of the same class.
And the team is fixing this things really slowly (the multiple declarations problem has 2 years, a lot of votes and comments and there isn't any fix yet).

How @Dimitry said in his post, I think you should take this problem very seriously, and provide at least the possibility of developing custom plugins.

Please take this as a constructive critique, right now is the only problem that I found in PHPStorm, but sadly, is a really big problem, because almost all our projects are using some of these frameworks.

Regards !!

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PHP support will remain closed source.
We will work on opening some API when it becames stable enough - yet there's no any estimates here.


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